About Me

If we’re intentional, we can pass our memories on – spread them around. We can leave behind a legacy of our history, emotion, connection and experience.
If we consider how we want others to remember us and moments we’ve shared, we have a better chance of succeeding in authentic preservation.
It’s nice to have photos of everyone lined up, smiling at the camera, wearing their nicest clothes.
But I think it’s even better to have photographs of movement, frozen in time.
Of your kids as they run around the backyard, a flowering bush you love the smell of in the background.
Of the way your hair flows over your partner’s chest as you lay in the sun on the cliff’s where you go in Summer.
Of the utter chaos in your loungeroom the day you bring your youngest baby home from the hospital to meet their siblings – each scattered toy a future memory of how they spent their days as they waited for you both.
The photographs I’ve taken have become an archive of the art and memories of my life and the lives of others.
It’s not always easy to see the beauty in where we are right now.
Sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us; what we’ll look back on with love and nostalgia.
To have photographs that preserve those moments in all their imperfect joy and beauty so we can appreciate them when we have the space… that’s why I do what I do.
I want to give you that feeling. To put something in your hands and on your walls that will take you back to where you were, who you were, how you felt on the day I photographed you.
I believe everyone’s life is art through the right lens. Let me show you.

Preserve memories
Create heirlooms