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Balcony Boudoir with Bettan

Bettan’s got a balcony, and she’s not afraid to use it!

I love portrait photography, and with that, I mean photographs of people and what makes them them. Like their dog, their balcony, their guitars or their fake flower doorway drapery. The details and the colours of life.

I also love to make people see how hot they are, and how good they look in their habitat.

Enter: boudoir photography.

It doesn’t have to be come-hither and butt photos, (although it can be!) it can be you, in the flesh, in your element, playing with your pets and feeling a bit silly. Just wait until you see the photos.

I’m super proud of these, as I am of people who dare to get in front of their camera without an occasion, just to make art and see what happens.

And yes, of course I provided the grapes and champagne! Are you ready to book a session?