Narrative and natural

At the heart of it, I’m a storyteller. I described myself to a friend yesterday as “polished chaos” and had to write it down. Here’s what I’m not going to do on your wedding day: fuss over the room you’re getting ready in, hiding all signs of life; change your pose slightly twenty times before I take your portrait; interrupt authentic moments, asking you to stand somewhere different or hold one another a different way.

Here’s what I am going to do on your wedding day: photograph the garbage bin after the party; follow the children and capture the mischief; watch like a hawk for moments of true connection (the happy, the blissful, the bittersweet); preserve the details you’re too busy, happy, excited to notice; help get stains out of the flowergirl’s dress; find you a snack when you’re suddenly running on fumes; remind you to breathe and be your cheerleader.


four hours – 17.000kr including taxes

six hours – 24.000kr including taxes

eight hours – 27.000 including taxes

extra hours – 2.500 including taxes

get in touch to inquire or book


I’m a film-shooter, so as well as my mirrorless cameras, I bring my analog camera to weddings and shoot one roll of black and white as part of my packages. If this appeals to you, and you want more of your wedding documented, or that I use colour film, let me know when you book and we can sort out a custom film package for you.

Film is timeless. Most of the filters available on Instagram, and plenty of professional photography presets are designed to make digital photographs look like film. There’s something about the light, the tone, the colour and the contrast that people adore about the aesthetic of film photography.

There’s something wonderful about knowing but not knowing how a photograph is going to turn out.  I develop my own black and white film, so it really is a very personal touch.