An add-on with romance

I began photographing with my dad’s old analog camera and a donated lens from my close press-photographer friend about two and a half years ago. I love my mirrorless camera – it’s reliable, fast and light, and I do love a bit of old-fashioned instant gratification, but…

There’s something so rewarding and romantic to load the film, set up the shot, carefully watch the lightmeter and then – the real, audible “click” we all love so much. Something about saving shots for when you know they’ll really be good. To find the right angle and wait for the right moment.

Once I started shooting roll after expensive roll, I realised I could cut my costs and waiting time by developing in my own kitchen. It had the added bonus of being wildly satisfying.

I know I’m not alone in this renewed appreciation for analog, mechanical, hands-on creation of timeless photographic art, so I’m offering it to my clients as an add-on – or even as a standalone photoshoot format.

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