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Couple kiss in the forest on their wedding day.


-Various packages to choose from to suit your day and budget
-Complimentary engagement shoot in Gothenburg or other local area
-Packages starting at 25,000sek

Man stands at counter of coffee shop, looking downwards and smiling.


-Combination of product, staff, environment images for website, social media or print advertising
-Packages starting at 5,000sek

Woman wearing underwear sits on green velvet couch and plays guitar.


-Full-length photography session in-home
-Packages starting at 5,000sek

Young woman throws arms up in celebration as she graduates high school. She wears a traditional Swedish graduation cap and blue and yellow lanyards hang around her neck. A friend takes a photo with her phone in the foreground.


-Graduations, engagement parties, hens' nights, birthdays, etc.
-Various length packages to suit your event
-Packages starting at 10,000sek

A midwife's hands come in from the left, holding a labouring woman's hair back and pressing a cool washcloth against her forehead as she leands on the edge of her birthing pool.


-On-call from 37-42 weeks
-Packages starting at 18,000sek


-In-home or outdoors
-Packages starting at 5,000sek

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