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Kaffelabbet x Svenska Kaffeveckan

A product, event and branding shoot for Gothenburg’s Kaffelabbet during the first ever Svenska Kaffeveckan. It’s a festival to gather, support, promote, and celebrate the fantastic work of the Swedish coffee industry.

Svenska Kaffeveckan

There is incredible range and quality of businesses working in the coffee industry. But there is little cohesion and collaboration within the branch. This led to the concept creation of Svenska Kaffeveckan.

“The Swedish coffee industry has been one of the world leaders in the specialty industry since the beginning of the Nordic roasting style in the early 2000s. What we want to achieve with Swedish Coffee Week is to gather everyone in one place again, and put Sweden’s focus on the fantastic work being done,” says Steve Moloney, founder and organizer of Swedish Coffee Week.


Kaffelabbet has been serving up state-of-the-art coffee-making equipment and award-winning cups of coffee from the best roasters in Sweden and Europe since 2015.

They offer espresso courses, coffee tastings and “cuppings” in collaboration with coffee roasters. The sheer variety of coffee-related equipment, products and expertise is almost hard to take in. For coffee-lovers, the store is like a wonderland.

In the workshop at the back, visitors can see where machines are fixed, and the corner only adds to the beautiful aesthetic and vibe.

The cupping pictured here is held by Koppi coffee roasters and the tasting and coffee machine takeover by Swerl coffee roasters.

During the event, Eureka Grinders also showed off their stylish equipment. They gave demonstrations and imparting wisdom to visitors.

The aroma of freshly roasted beans, the sound of water boiling and customers sipping hot coffee… As a die-hard coffee-lover, I had a ball photographing Kaffelabbet during Svenska Kaffeveckan. I hope they do it again next year!

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