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Wedding near Gothenburg at Lantligt Bröllop | Ruben and Rebecka

The long-awaited Gothenburg Lantligt Bröllop wedding held a special place in our hearts as it united two cherished friends. It unfolded as a spectacle of sheer beauty. It brimmed with emotion, charm, and profound moments that left an indelible mark on everyone present.

For Ruben and Rebecka, the journey to their wedding day had been a saga years in the making. There were challenges posed by the pandemic and the joyous arrival of their daughter, Flora, was anothe reason to pause. The anticipation among family and friends was palpable as they gathered to witness the culmination of their love story.

Flora, the radiant baby of the day, captivated hearts with her infectious giggles and youthful energy.


Gothenburg’s Lantligt Bröllop is nestled just a brief hour by bus from bustling Gothenburg. “Lantligt Bröllop,” translates to “Country Wedding” in English, encapsulating the rustic allure and idyllic setting that awaited guests.

Against a backdrop of rolling farmland vistas, the venue boasted a picturesque ensemble of a weathered barn and quaint cottages for preparations. An enchanting apple orchard contributed to its appeal as a Lantligt Bröllop wedding destination near Gothenburg.

Conveniently accessible by a comfortable bus ride from our apartment in central Gothenburg, Lantligt Bröllop spared guests the hassle of seeking overnight accommodation. This made it easy to enjoy a seamless celebration filled with shared moments of love and laughter.

Inside the charming rustic barn, guests were treated to a sumptuous feast by Boho Bar amidst simple yet elegant table settings. A buffet beckoned from the adjacent room and a whimsical multi-cake stand fashioned from a sturdy tree branch added a touch of charm to the food on offer.


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