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In-home boudoir | Nathalie

In-home boudoir is my very favourite boudoir. I’m a huge fan of making women feel gorgeous and empowered, and where could be a better place to do that than their own personal boudoir? The word itself means “a woman’s dressing room or bedroom”, and I’m always enthusiastic about photographing my clients in as authentic a setting as possible.

The Monday I shot this session was Nathalie’s second day of having both her kids in daycare, which was worth celebrating in itself. I arranged the fruit platter as Nathalie found her lipstick finished getting ready. Then it was time to pop the champagne!

Why champagne?

I am a huge proponent of champagne as a prop during photoshoots. Non-alcoholic works just as well if that’s what your into – what I’m looking for are the bubbles, the sparkle and the touch of whimsy and fun it adds to the shoot! Not only that, but having something to do with your hands that is not only celebratory but also looks good is a fantastic way to calm nerves and enhance the images.

Not every kind of photoshoot genre goes with champagne, but couples and boudoir most certainly do!

Fruit is another great photoshoot prop. The ancient Roman vibe you achieve with a bunch of grapes rarely goes astray, and the colour of strawberries is always a winner.

Why boudoir?

And boudoir is good for you! It boosts your mood and self-confidence, enhances relationships and sense of self. It’s a powerful way to connect with who you are and what you love about yourself, and even a way to work on the way you see things about yourself that you maybe don’t love as much.

The in-home boudoir sessions I’ve done have not only produced stunning images showcasing my clients’ beauty, strength and personality, but have left them feeling as good as they look.

Take a look at this in-home boudoir session I did with Bettan late last summer. Are you interested in a session? Get in touch!