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Family Photography in Newcastle with the Levicks

Family Photography

As a mother of two, there’s something about family photography that comes easily and feels so worthwhile. Children are little for such a short time. Don’t get me wrong, the days can be long, but the months are short and the years go by in a flash.

It’s a flash of mess and exhaustion, but it’s easy to say “tomorrow” to family photography and, before you know it, your kids have aged a few years and the time you wanted to capture has passed you by.

I’m a big proponent of not feeling guilty about things like that. These early years are what they are and, despite being a photographer myself, I know the value of our memories alone. We don’t need photographs to remember what our kids were like as newborns, at age one, two, and so on. But they’re very nice to have, and they make reminiscing easier and more beautiful, among a host of other benefits.

Family photography also becomes an heirloom – a keepsake that travels generations. It takes ephemeral moments and preserves them in time.

The Levicks were a joy to photograph. With kids a similar age to my own, it wasn’t hard to connect and engage with Isaac and Remi, and I enjoyed playing on the floor with all manner of toys while they got comfortable having a random adult crawling around the floor and pointing a camera in their faces.

In your own home

I could go on and on about the reasons I love doing family photography in my clients’ homes. But I don’t need to explain when I can just show you photos like these ones instead. The comfort of one’s natural habitat brings out authentic moments that can’t be staged in a studio.

There are also huge benefits to children that cannot be overstated. The risk of overstimulation and overtiredness is much lower in their own home, which stands to reason.

See more of my family work here, and get in touch if you’re interested in booking your own session with me.