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Newcastle Engagement photography | Liam and Cass

This engagement photography session in Newcastle, NSW, was a joy.

My cousin and his fiancée are engaged to be married. I, being a Swede by residency at this point in my life, will not be able to attend the wedding. By way of apology, and as a wedding present, I did their engagement photos while in Newcastle.

We met just before sunset at the run down shack on Scenic Drive – NOT a misnomer. The drive is scenic, and the shack is run down. The building is part of the Glenrock State Conservation Area and is a visual treat.

The sun was hot and bright, but the location was a mix of settings, providing plenty of shade. The run down shack also hosts a range of beautiful backdrops, from the boarded up facade and interesting blue door, to the valley filled with eucalypts, the weatherboard siding and the old, rusty car in a leaning carport.

I’ve used the shack for an extended family session before, but this was my first run Newcastle engagement photography session in the picturesque location.

The champagne trick

Photographing friends and family is simultaneously difficult and rewarding. The performance anxiety is higher for both the photographer and subjects.

I have found that people behave more naturally in front of the camera when they have something to do with their hands. It’s not always easy to find an appropriate prop, but I have recently discovered that a bottle of Champagne and a glass or two does wonders for the mood in more ways than one.

I have begun to incorporate the bottle of bubbly in my boudoir and couples shoots. Not only is it something to hold, but it’s visually appealing – sparkling glass, fizzing bubbles and a festive atmosphere.

Not to mention, who doesn’t love a good shot of a cork flying out of the bottle?

Are you interested in booking a Champagne shoot? Inquire here!